Meet WOOLIV – the new name of a major luxury brand of furniture

Azemad Furniture is now WOOLIV. The same high quality and long-term tradition, with a new name.

WOOLIV is a part of the well-known and respected brand AZEMAD Group which was founded in 1966. It has its heritage based on the specialisation of wood as its main raw material, designing and producing its product with all the know-how acquired over the years. The best designers and architects collaborate with the company. 
We have over 5 decades of tradition and experience in woodworking.
We are now at a new stage in our history. Wood is the main character of this chapter therefore we are (wood)+(crafting) a new one! 

Our place of strength – Oliveira de Azeméis. We are inspired and create our furniture here. It is important for us to start a new chapter with respect to the birthplace.

A balanced and simple name. It takes us back to the essence of the project – wood. On the other hand, we combined it with “oliv” from olive tree and the city Oliveira de Azeméis and subtly with the “liv” experience – of giving life to wood and consequently to the spaces where our pieces will co-inhabit.

We are glad to present you 3 colours of our furniture brand. Black is Lifestyle, Gold is Authenticity and Blue is Heritage.

“The quality of the unique pieces, made by highly talented craftsmen, combining paramount traditional techniques with contemporary styles allowed the company to remain as a market reference both nationally and internationally for over 5 decades”, CEO of WOOLIV, Paulo Martins said. 
A brand with AZEMAD Group signature. Since 1966, woodcrafting stories! 

We’re woodcrafting a new story.

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