Our story

“The quality of the unique pieces, made by highly talented craftsmen, combining paramount traditional techniques with contemporary styles allowed the company to remain as a market reference both nationally and internationally for over 5 decades”, CEO of WOOLIV, Paulo Martins.

WOOLIV is a part of the well-known and respected brand AZEMAD Group which was founded in 1966. It has its heritage based on the specialisation of wood as its main raw material, designing, producing and treating its product with all the know-how acquired over the years.

The quality of its unique and exclusive pieces, created by talented artisans who challenge themselves and combine the highest traditional techniques with a contemporary style, have allowed the company to be part of the national and international market for more than five decades.


Tradition and pride in its roots, which still rely on the experience and wisdom of professionals who have followed the company’s evolution since its foundation, are allied to the constant innovative vision of its managers, currently under the administration of the Founder’s sons, António dos Santos Martins. They have a great ability to adapt to the needs and volatility of the market, never forgetting the passion and values by which they have always been guided.